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Inland Espresso Solutions is a premiere consulting group for commercial espresso equipment, featuring commercial and industrial espresso machines, grinders, water treatment, filtration, and softening systems for sale.


When Inland Coffee and Beverage opened in 1998, our focus was on servicing espresso equipment. I had worked at First Choice Coffee Services in California. The company is highly geared toward customer service and it was understood that if a coffee brewer was down or broken for too long, the chances of losing the customer was high. When I relocated to the Inland Northwest, I was surprised to find that the espresso industry had a need for qualified technicians; so, with a background in coffee it made sense to dedicate time and energy into a business related to high quality espresso repair service. It did not take long for any of us here at Inland to discover that quality information regarding commercial espresso equipment was not readily available to the consumer. Even today, we continue to see cafes and espresso stands with the wrong espresso machine for their business. Whether they over spent or directed their money into equipment that was to small to keep up with the demands of their business; a poor choice when selecting an espresso machine is frustrating to almost everyone. As you travel through the Inland Espresso Solutions website, our hope is that you will find the materials on equipment, equipment reviews, water, service technicians, and maintenance helpful in making an informative decision for you and your business. On behalf of everyone here at Inland, thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping you realize your espresso equipment goals and the making of that best espresso shot.

Best Regards,
Ruth Easley

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