Road blocks for your new electronic espresso grinder

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Your new electronic grinder will only get you so far


More and more coffee lovers are realizing that quality espresso grinders are key to making great coffee. Purchasing a new precision electronic or on-demand espresso grinder will give you a consistent grind, and in most machines, incredible dosing accuracy, but be aware that pairing your new grinder with some espresso machines will not solve all your problems.


Older Commercial Espresso Machines


Mineral Build up on heat exchangers causes temperature fluctuation or low temperature brewing. Your commercial espresso machine has to have brewing temperature stability to serve a great tasting cup of coffee or your customers will run to your competitor looking for consistency.


Worn Group Heads


If you use your espresso machine group heads differently and they are worn dissimilar, your port-a-filters will not seat the same. This is evident when you find that you are shimming or using a thicker gasket on one group and not the other. Basically, your coffee is sitting in relationship to the shower screen at varying degrees of distance. This can cause different problems depending on the manufacturer of your machine. You may find some solace by varying your tamping pressure or adjusting your dosing amount to accommodate your worn side. Sadly, you will find yourself adjusting everything to help your machine but not for improving your coffee’s taste.


Commercial Espresso Machine Design


Less expensive machines are designed to save you money. Manufacturers do their best to narrow temperature swings while reducing cost for consumers, but in the espresso world, you really get what you pay for. Your new on-demand grinder will not be able to cure or work beyond the quality of your commercial espresso machines, especially, when operating in an environment in which it was not designed to be placed in.

Do not let me talk you out of buying a new electronic grinder.


Even if you have all of the above problems you will never regret buying a superior grinder. In the end, an electronic grinder will save your barista’s time, and you money. Your coffee will be much more consistent and that will make your customers very happy.

If you would like to read more about espresso grinders see are  in depth guide espresso grinder guide.

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