Espresso Machine Repairs – Taking Control of What You Are Paying for

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Don’t let anyone come in between you and your espresso machine service technician


When it comes to product quality, it is better to personally handle the repair of your espresso machine and avoid delegating this responsibility to another. It is true that the repair of espresso equipment is often a simple matter of parts replacement; however, detecting the cause of your deteriorating espresso quality might not always be that easy. Your barista, coffee, environment, grinder, and machine all work in collaboration, which really makes espresso brewing equipment diagnostics more complicated than often recognized. I am not saying that every repair issue is going to need a technical Sherlock Holmes but complications and miscommunication can easily occur if your espresso machine service technician does not have you as an active partner and participant.

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Rancilio Classe 9 Commercial Espresso Machine

If your repair service technician discovers that your problem is a training or maintenance issue, the information he or she provides will be the key in resolving your product quality difficulties. This information will cost money and it will not be tangible.


The best and most effective time for a service technician to explain this information and the details of their findings is while standing before your machine.


During its repair, your equipment’s internal system, will more than likely, be exposed and it will be much easier for a technician to point out and demonstrate their discoveries. Your technician will also have an effective means of answering your more detailed questions. At this point, if the espresso machine owner is not the one working with the service technician and overseeing your equipment’s repair, the chances of a misunderstanding significantly increases.

If, for some reason, there is a communication breakdown between the technician and your employee, the information you receive regarding your machine will be incorrect. If your employee disagrees with a service technician’s findings, they will, more than likely, not be able to accurately explain why the technician ultimately came to their conclusions. Leaving you with someone else’s opinion other than the one you just paid for.


coffee machine repiarEspresso Machine Owners direct involvement saves time, money and produces quality espresso


Lastly, without your involvement, if the information provided by your technician is not correctly distributed to all relevant employees, your problem will periodically pop back up, which could easily lead you to the assumption that your espresso machine technician did not adequately resolve your concerns. Any one of the above scenarios could prompt you to request a return visit by your technician but the results might only be that you will end up paying for the same information twice.

Receiving information about your equipment second hand is just what it is, second hand.


Establishing a professional relationship with your espresso equipment service technician while they are at your establishment and actively working on your behalf is really about taking control of what you are paying for and why you are paying for it.


Of course, you could speak with your technician at a later time, but your technician’s memory will not be as fresh. With your equipment no longer next to them, their ability to demonstrate their findings will be nonexistent and they will have to lean on their memory to explain the details of your circumstances. You may also find it difficult to reach some field technician because of driving demands and strict repair schedules. You may even find your technician a little dismayed if they have to speak with you during their break or lunch period.

There will always be circumstances when it will be necessary and unavoidable for you to contact your service technician but the most beneficial and informative time will be during your equipment’s service appointment.

Protecting your business’ reputations starts with guarding your espresso product quality. Being an active and present partner with your espresso service technician is not only smart, but it also has the potential to save you a lot of time and money. It will also place control over the fate of your product quality and your business’ reputation where it belongs, in your hands.


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