How often Should I Clean my Espresso Grinder

how often to clean commercial espresso grinder


How Often Should you Clean your Commercial Espresso Grinder


Clean your commercial espresso grinder daily or at least once a week. Surprisingly, not many espresso bars choose to add this simple task to their closing maintenance and cleaning routine. Here are a few reasons why cleaning your espresso or coffee grinder is beneficial to your long term business success.


Daily Cleaning of your Espresso Grinder will improve espresso quality

espresso grinder cleaning how often



Plain and simple, the oil and residue left behind by your coffee beans looks disgusting, and it doesn’t taste all that great, either. Daily cleaning of your hopper will keep the gunk from building up and provide you with a showcase for your coffee beans that looks clean, and sanitary. Keep in mind that your grinder determines espresso machine ability to produce quality espresso shots.


Your coffee will be fresher and better tasting because your beans will no longer assemble in a rancid environment before brewing.


Cleaning your grinder will also prevent unnecessary service calls


how often to clean grinder


Coffee oils tend to build up most at your grinder’s throat; the area where your beans enter the grind chamber. Excessive buildup in this space will cause your beans to form a bridge. The bridge will act as a barrier, which will prevent your coffee beans from dropping down and entering the grind chamber. Eventually, you will hear your grinder grinding but nothing will dispense.


How to clean your Espresso Grinder


To start, remember to never to use household cleaners or anything abrasive on your commercial espresso grinder mythoshopper to prevent etching or deterioration. If you do not already have a mini shop vac, you will want to purchase one.

For sanitary reasons, dedicate it to maintaining your grinder only and do not use it for any other purposes.


  1. Start by removing your coffee beans from the hopper.
  2. Wipe the hopper with a damp cloth to remove oil and residue.(we suggest soft cotton or microfiber towels)
  3. Vacuum out the throat area and wipe with a dry towel only.
  4. Make sure your hopper is thoroughly dry before replacing your beans.


  • If your hopper is too far gone to be cleaned with just a towel, create a solution of back flush cleaner and try soaking your hopper in a bucket or sink.
  • Don’t let the hopper soak overnight; because it will need time to thoroughly dry prior to the start of your next business day.


If you are looking for more infomration on espresso machine grinders then take a look at our coffee grinder guide.
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