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Getting the most out of your espresso machine sales and service company


When considering the purchase of new espresso equipment, finding relevant information can be difficult. Roasters, on-line forums and personal recommendations can be helpful but also limited, especially if you want to compare and contrast equipment features. Finding a knowledgeable and qualified sales and service company is important because they can offer you a larger selection, pricing options, and additional information other sources may not have access to.

Below are a few helpful suggestions on how to work with a sales and service company.


1. Try to refrain from stating up front the espresso machine or grinder you are considering.


A sales person wants to make a sale. They will either agree with you to make the sale or agree with you to avoid offending you. Allow the sales person to suggest equipment that they feel is right for your business and operating environment. This will open up a dialogue that should prove to be educational.


2. Beverage volume, barista skills and equipment’s future operating environment.


Do not be afraid to divulge your business plan. No one can suggest the best espresso machine if they do not know what features may be needed or valued. Operating volume, barista skills and specific environmental challenges will all play a part in the equipment your sales person suggests. If your sales person is asking specific questions related to your unique business this is a good sign that they are working in your best interest.


3. State your espresso equipment budget.


You may not want to reveal this information but it is helpful. Espresso equipment manufacturers actually design equipment with budgets in mind. Your sales person will quickly narrow your selection and may get creative with their ideas, such as suggesting different manufacturers for machine and grinder. They may even have a deal in the back room just for you. Some operating environments require specific equipment, if your budget is to low your sales person will offer a rational explanation on why you should consider increasing the amount of money you are willing to spend and the consequences if you do not.


4. Ask about espresso machine limitations.


All espresso machines have them, even the most expensive precision equipment will have certain draw backs such as design flaws, high maintenance costs or even difficulties in operation. Be aware that your sales person may not intimately know everything about a specific model but they should have resources to obtain additional information.

In other words, if your sales person is telling you that the machine you are considering is a work horse and you will not regret purchasing it, this typically means they have limited knowledge and information. You will most likely get buyer’s remorse down the line. Keep shopping.

As you may already know, Inland Espresso Solutions is a premiere sales and service company. We place personal attention to our customer’s unique business needs. These tips come from our field service team who work closely with espresso equipment in varying operational environments and enjoy developing personal equipment solutions. We hope you will consider contacting us when you begin searching for your new espresso machine.

For any questions or comments please contact us or give us a call at 1-(855)-839-5665

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