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KD8 Softener

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Water Softener 8 Liter

Espresso Machine Water Softener – Rechargeable 8 Liter

Espresso Machine Water Softener with eight ( 8 ) Liter is recommended for low to medium volume applications. A water softer is a vital tool in providing quality water for great tasting espresso beverages, while protecting your espresso machine from the damaging effects of minerals. Business owners and baristas agree that this practical eight liter espresso machine water softener is easy to recharge, eliminating the need for a on-site service technician. Best suited for low to medium volume or high volume with low gpg applications. This ion exchange filtration, is an all important water treatment that removes calcium carbonate and magnesium, the two most common minerals that can build up in your espresso machine’s boiler, clogging critical valves and tubing. Place your water softener’s regeneration on a strict regeneration schedule determined by water hardness and volume used.

Pair this rechargeable water softening system with any taste and odor filter such as the Everpure 4CB5

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